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Internal Audit Leadership &
Risk Management Advisory

Daniel Gaffney & Associates: Internal Audit Leadership & Risk Management Advisory

Custom Internal Audit Training

Daniel Gaffney & Associates provides customized, on-site CPE training programs on internal audit, IT audit and corporate governance processes. Licensed as a Continuing Education Sponsor with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, we can meet the needs of your entire internal audit team.

Customized Training Curricula
  • IIA Professional Standards
  • Fraud and forensic accounting
  • Risk assessment and developing the annual internal audit plan
  • Defining internal audit roles and responsibilities
  • Workpaper standards and best practices for documentation
  • Sampling techniques and practices
  • General and application-level IT controls
  • Report writing and recommendation monitoring

Why Daniel Gaffney & Associates?
We offer a number of direct benefits to middle-market organizations seeking world-class training expertise:
  • Customized training

    Our training modules can be customized in advance, to address the specific needs of your organization. Your internal audit director or manager can develop a curriculum through personalized discussions with the course trainer.
  • Maximum results for less cost

    We charge one fee per on-site course, no matter the number of team members attending. This lowers across-the-board costs for earning CPE credits, and eliminates travel costs to your company.
  • Invaluable experience

    Our experienced instructors can offer over 20 years of industry and professional services experience, including practical experience as a former Chief Audit Executive and risk management consultant with Big 4 and second-tier firms.
  • A balanced perspective

    Train with a CPA who has experience in internal audit, IT audit, corporate governance, leadership and change management.
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