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Internal Audit Leadership &
Risk Management Advisory

Daniel Gaffney & Associates: Internal Audit Leadership & Risk Management Advisory

Internal Audit and Internal Controls Advisory

Small to mid-size organizations are under pressure from their boards and key stakeholders to reduce costs, while at the same time increasing the effectiveness of risk management processes. Daniel Gaffney & Associates helps small and mid-sized businesses to review the design and function of their internal audit capabilities, identify and manage costs, and help improve their internal audit spend-to-value.

By undertaking a modest critical review, we can help you to reduce cost and improve the quality of service from internal audit, benefiting from our experience and the industry best practices we have learned from working with some of the largest companies in the world. We institute plans, processes, and best practices to implement or improve internal controls and financial reporting, including ways to help strengthen reporting and management certification under Sarbanes-Oxley 404, by:

  • Reviewing the department or functional spend for internal audit
  • Evaluating existing process and internal audit performance
  • Establishing departmental frameworks for conducting best-in-class internal audit, including whether to replace outsourced resources with an internal team
  • Determining reporting structures, roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders
  • Reviewing regulatory requirements and identifying and testing critical internal controls
Internal audit should help the corporate bottom-line, driving cost savings within the internal audit budget while improving quality and risk management. Daniel Gaffney & Associates can help drive the necessary changes to achieve these goals.

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